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ESE 2019: Ethics & Values in Engineering Profession Quiz 1

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Question 1

A principle that promotes well-being or prevents harm is
Select the correct from above

Question 2

The engineering skills related to moral autonomy are

Question 3

Consider the following statements
I. Willingness to submit one’s actions to moral scrutiny and be responsive to the assessment of others. It includes being answerable for meeting specific obligations is accountability
II. The willingness to upgrade their skills, put efforts, and reach the best balance possible among those considerations is Blameworthy/ Praiseworthy
Which of the following is true?

Question 4

Consider the following statements are not correct about VALUES
I. Values are comprised of personal concepts of responsibility entitlement and respect.
II. Values are not shaped by personal experience
III. Values does not vary according to an individual’s cultural, ethnic and/or faith-based background

Question 5

Consider the following about Work Ethic
Select the correct statements

Question 6

The ability to mutually experience the thoughts emotions, and direct experience of others
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