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"Environmental Engineeringe_Quiz 1 "

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Question 1

Sludge bulking can be controlled by:

Question 2

Biochemical oxygen demand is quoted at what temperature?

Question 3

The percentage of oxygen in Seawater is:

Question 4

Fresh sludge has moisture content of 97 % and after thickening, its moisture content is reduced to 94 %. The ratio of volume of thickened sludge to fresh sludge is:

Question 5

If the length of overland flow from the critical point to the mouth of drain is 13.58 Km and difference in level between the critical point and drain mouth is 10 m, the inlet time is

Question 6

If settling velocity is 1 cm/sec then corresponding surface loading in litre per day per m2 will be

Question 7

One litre of sewage when allowed to settle for 30 minutes gives a sludge volume of 27 cm3. If the dry weight of this sludge is 3 grams, then its sludge volume index will be

Question 8

If for diluting 25 ml of water sample in 200 ml of taste free water is required to be added to make the water sample to just loose its taste, then the flavor threshold number (FTN) will be

Question 9

What is the maximum permissible limit of fluoride in drinking water?

Question 10

An ideal settling basin has a plan area of 100 m2. If a flow of 2400 m3/day has passed through the basin, then for removing the discrete particle completely from the basin, the terminal settling velocity is nearly:
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