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Question 1

A grit chamber of dimension 15 m x 2 m x 0.8 m liquid depth flow of 800 m3/hr. Its detention time is

Question 2

Primary treatment of waste water is made with the application of which of the following?

Question 3

A circular primary clarifier processes an average flow of 10990 m3/d of municipal waste water. The overflow rate is 35 m3/m2/d. The diameter of the clarifier shall be:

Question 4

Which of the following statement (s) is/are correct regarding advantage of recirculation in a high rate trickling filter:

1. It helps to analyze the variations in strengths and flow of sewage applied to filter.

2. It enables higher hydraulic loading on the filter.

3. It provides longer contact period of applied sewage with the bio-film on media thereby accelerating the oxidation process.

4. Size of primary sedimentation tank is decreased.

5. It reduces odour in the effluent.

Question 5

The MLSS concentration in the aeration tank of extended aeration activated sludge process is 4000 mg/l. If one litre of sample settled in 30 minutes and the measuring cylinder showed a sludge volume of 200 ml, then the sludge volume index would be nearly:

Question 6

Septic tank is

Question 7

The different actions that take place in anaerobic decomposition process are the following:

a) Alkaline fermentation

b) Acid fermentation

c) Acid regression

d) Methane formation

What is the correct sequence of occurrences of these actions from earlier to later?

Question 8

In a sludge digestion tank, the gas that mainly evolves is

Question 9

Match List-I with List-II and choose the correct option using the codes given below:

List – I (Treatment unit)

p. Activated sludge

q. Oxidation pond

r. Septic tank

s. Trickling filter

List – II (Biological agent)

1. Aerobic bacteria (suspended Culture)

2. Anaerobic bacteria (Attached culture)

3. Anaerobic bacteria

4. Facultative bacteria


Question 10

Which of the following is NOT the correct advantage of an oxidation Ditch:
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