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Question 1

The dowel bars used in RCC footing is on example of

Question 2

As per Indian Standards, the maximum bearing pressure at the column base should not exceed the bearing strength equal to :

Question 3

Punching shear is an important consideration in case of:

Question 4

Impact load results from which type of effects of loads applied?

Question 5

Creep of a material is?

Question 6

As per IS 456, the effective length of cantilever shall be taken as

Question 7

The unit weight of R.C.C. (in kg/m3) is ______.

Question 8

Calculate the grade of concrete if modular ratio is 14 and factor of safety is 3

Question 9

In limit state design of reinforced concrete, deflection is computed by using

Question 10

Foundation of a brick wall is 80 cm thick and transmitting a load of 100 kN/m along its length. The width of wall footing is 2m. The critical section for design bending moment is at what distance from the edge of the footing ?
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