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Question 1

Choose the correct option related to FATS. OILS AND GREASES

1. Fats and oils are compounds of alcohol.

2. They are obtained from discharge of animals and vegetable matter.

3. Such matter form scum on the top of the sedimentation tanks and clog the voids of the filtering media. The amount of facts and greases in waste water sample can be determined by evaporating it and then mixing the residual solids left, with ether (hexane). The solution is then poured off and evaporated, leaving behind the facts and greases as residue, which can be easily weighted.

Question 2

If total 5 day BOD of sewage of a city is 24000 kg/day and the average 5 day BOD is 300 mg/l, then the population equivalent of the city is (Assume the domestic sewage quantity to be 0.08 kg/person/day)

Question 3

Match the following

Question 4

Which of the following allows the water to flow in one direction only?

Question 5

The suitable layout of distribution system for a city with roads of rectangular pattern is

Question 6

Goose neck are used to connect

Question 7

Which of the following system of water supply is most economical in distribution of water?

Question 8

If TON value for a waste water sample is 7. Volume of odorous water is 3 ml then volume of odour free water required will be?

Question 9

Assertion [A]: Temperature of waste water is high compare to water supply

Reason[R]: Temperature of waste water is lower compare to water supply

Question 10

Turbidity road method is a
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