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English Vocabulary Quiz: 27.11.2020

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Question 1

In each of these questions, choose the option that is nearly similar in meaning to the word given in capital letters.

Question 2

Fill in the blank.
He is a careful person; he never takes sides but remains ____.

Question 3

In the following questions select the opposites of the bold-italicized word in the sentences.
As a witness concealed the facts in the court.

Question 4

‘Quarried’ means

Question 5

Vivek ate a humble pie when her sister pointed out his mistakes.
What does the idiom ‘eat a humble pie’ mean in the statement?

Question 6

Which one of the spelling is correct from the given options?

Question 7

Which word among the given options has been misspelt?

Question 8

Which of the following correctly define the meaning of the idiom- “touch and go”?

Question 9

A place for ammunition and weapons is called

Question 10

Choose the most appropriate word out of the given options for replacing the given phrase.

The art and science of cooking and eating good food –

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