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Question 1

Which part of the following sentence has an error in it?

When I entered / the room I / found her laying / on the floor.

(a) (b) (c ) (d )

Question 2

Directions: In each of the questions the given sentences are divided into four parts marked as A. B, C. and D. One part has an error in it. Identify the part for answering.
To my point of view (A)/ his action (B)/ was totally wrong (C) / and thoughtless. (D)

Question 3

Identify the direct narration of the given sentence:

Vinay told me that he had been writing a letter the day before.

Question 4

Choose the correct direct speech for the indirect speech given below:

He said that God loves his creation.

Question 5

Pick out the sentence which has the same meaning as the following:

India is the largest democracy in the world.

Question 6

Pick out the sentence which has the same meaning as the following:

Lead is heavier than any other metal.

Question 7

Which of the following sentence/ sentences is/ are correct:

1. Billiards is a costly game.

2. Measles is a dangerous disease.

3. The furnitures in the room are beautiful.

Question 8

Place the exclamation mark in the sentence-

O Hamlet speak no more

Question 9

Choose the sentence which is in past perfect tense:

Question 10

Choose the correct indirect form of:
Ravi said, “Guests have taken their lunch.”
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