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English Grammar Quiz : 68

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Question 1

Which of the following sentences have been punctuated correctly?

Question 2

Which of the following sentence has been punctuated correctly?

Question 3

Turn the following into indirect speech. ‘Do you write a good hand’ he said.

Question 4

Convert the speech of the given sentence:

My officer said to him, “You had passed the training by luck.”

Question 5

Which part of the following sentence has an error in it?

Older cars / are inexpensive / as they are / heavy in petrol.

(a) (b) (c) (d)

Question 6

Find out which part of the sentence has an error?

Question 7

Fill in the blanks in the following sentences by choosing the correct/most appropriate options :

I wondered why I _______ of it before.

Question 8

Choose the correct option to fill the blank in the sentence given below :

The wounded man ______ by some boys.

Question 9

Which of the following prefix is suitable for the word “biotic”?

Question 10

Choose the word to which ‘un’ cannot be prefixed to form a new word.
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