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English Grammar Quiz : 67

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Question 1

Change the following sentence from assertive to exclamatory sentence:

It is foolish of him to throw away his chances like that.

Question 2

Change the following sentence from assertive to negative sentence:

I shall always remember this kindness of yours.

Question 3

In the following sentence change he verb into past perfect tense:

When I reached the station the train arrived.

Question 4

What type of sentence is the following?
What worries me most is the falling standard of education in India?

Question 5

What is the plural form of “loaf”?

Question 6

Which of the following word is plural?

Question 7

Rearrange the following to form a meaningful and correct sentence.

A). he wanted

B). of the moment

C). in the heat

D). to say

E). he forgot what

Question 8

He could not pull out with any other person.

In which of the following sentences has the above sentence been correctly improved?

Question 9

Which of the following is not a coordinate conjunction?

Question 10

Pluralize the following word?


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