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English Grammar Quiz : 64

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Question 1

Identify the kind of given sentence:

He is honest therefore he is respected.

Question 2

Identify the kind of given sentence:

He bought the shop which belonged to his brother.

Question 3

Choose the correct option for the given sentence.

I am _______ this music.

Question 4

Fill in the blanks
The battery has ______.

Question 5

In the given sentences which one is the complex sentence

Question 6

In the following questions, a sentence has been divided into six parts 1, P, Q, R, S, 6 . The positions of 1 and 6 remain unchanged. Arrange the remaining four parts in a logical sequence.

1). The fact that

P. go to the police

Q. did not let him

R. to speak the truth

S. he was a murderer

6). about the theft.

Question 7

Fill in the blank with the correct option in the given sentence:

science is considered to the primitive science.

Question 8

Fill in the blanks with correct preposition in the following sentence:

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our meeting owing _____ the bad weather.

Question 9

Direction: Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option.
Choose the most appropriate option for the blank:
'There is hardly ______ time left for the bus.'

Question 10

In The following questions identify the appropriate alternative from the given ones for fill in the blanks in the given sentences.
Though they were sent last week ………….of the parcels have arrived yet.
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