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English Grammar Quiz : 60

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Question 1

Fill in the correct form of the verb:
The train had left before I………………. the station,

Question 2

Fill the blank in the given sentences by choosing the most appropriate option.
This was enjoined…….him as a solemn duty.

Question 3

Choose the correct phonetic symbol for the sound at the beginning of the word ‘thick

Question 4

Point out the correct direct speech for the following sentence.
Sonam declared that they had selected Raghav as their CEO of company.

Question 5

The sentence, “Mary arrived at the railway station before noon, and she left on the train before I arrived”, is

Question 6

Find out the mistake in the sentence given below.

Question 7

Choose the part of the sentences which has an error.

Question 8

Questions have been divided into four parts as A, B, C and D. One of the four parts has an error. Find the error part.
I wish (1)/ I was (2) / a Bollywood (3) / star. (4)

Question 9

Choose the correct order of words from the given options:

Question 10

Choose the correct statement.
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