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Question 1

Change the given Active sentences into Passive.

The cup contains tea :

Question 2

The passive voice form of the sentence, “Who wrote this poem?” Will be

Question 3

Which of the following statements shows the correct use of the subtraction symbol (-)?

Question 4

Which of the following punctuation sign is most suitable to join the given phrases?

She has a presentation tomorrow. She can’t go out tonight.

Question 5

Choose the most appropriate from of Indirect speech for the given sentence:

She said, “I am not the President of the Club anymore.”

Question 6

Which of the following is the indirect form of the given sentence?

I asked him, “Will you help me complete the assignment tomorrow?”

Question 7

Find out the part that has error in the sentence. Mark (D) if there is no error:

Question 8

Find out the mistake in the sentence given below

Question 9

Direction: Fill in the blank with the most suitable option.

The bride smiled radiantly as she walked down the aisle wearing an _______ creation of lace, seed pearls and chiffon.

Question 10

Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option:

The _____________ of the Minister’s statement cannot be verified by people who have no access to official records.

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