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English Grammar Quiz : 57

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Question 1

Change the following sentence from exclamatory to assertive sentence:

What a dangerous thing a little knowledge is!

Question 2

Change the following sentence from assertive to exclamatory sentence:

It was prudent of the boy to alert the policeman.

Question 3

Answer the following question by selecting the most appropriate/correct option.
Identify the tense of the following sentence:

He has just finished his painting.

Question 4

The correct passive voice of the given sentence is: -

Will anyone believe your story?

Question 5

What is the plural form of “mouse”?

Question 6

Which of the following noun is not singular?

Question 7

Which of the following sentences have been punctuated correctly?

Question 8

Direction: Substitute the underlined word in the following sentence to make the sentence correct. If none of the substitution improves the sentence choose “D” as your response.

The sun was shining such brightly that Leela had to put on her sun glasses.

Question 9

Fill in the blank with the correct option in the given sentence:

His involve__ in the program helped in making it a grand success.

Question 10

Fill in the blank with correct option from those given.

Activ—demand laws for the protect—of fishermen’s properties and rights.

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