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English Grammar Quiz : 56

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Question 1

Choose the correct adjective of superlative degree for the given word:


Question 2

Choose the correct option to complete the given sentence:

The elephant is the _______ land animal.

Question 3

Change the following sentence from compound to complex sentence:

Let me reach my office and then I shall talk to him.

Question 4

Convert the following sentence into interrogative sentence:

All your paintings are beautiful and meaningful.

Question 5

Choose the correct one:

We __________________ here for a long time.

Question 6

Choose the correct one:

She ____________ the president of the sports committee for 5 years now.

Question 7

Rearrange the following to form a meaningful and correct sentence.

(A) the smooth

(B) can interrupt

(C) 100 many examples

(D) flow of the text

Question 8

Find out the correct sentence/sentences:

Question 9

What is the plural form of “thesis”?

Question 10

Choose the singular form of the given word.
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