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English Grammar Quiz: 31.08.2020

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Question 1

Convert the speech of the given sentence:

My grandfather said that he did not like them.

Question 2

Complete the given sentence by choosing the correct option.
The boys were _______ given a ball.

Question 3

Convert the speech of the given sentence:

He said, “I have to go for shopping tomorrow.”

Question 4

Mention a common suitable suffix to the following words:

Able, possible, pure

Question 5

Complete the following sentence using the correct linking device.

My father can not speak English _____ he can speak french.

Question 6

Fill in the blank with the correct word from the given options.

The students broke the table lamp and thus they have to ______ on the field as punishment.

Question 7

Complete the sentence with the correct determiner.
“She got her transfer certificates without ______ troubles.”.

Question 8

Choose the correct option:

Question 9

Identify the sentence with correct use of punctuation marks.

Question 10

Choose the sentence in which the comma is placed correctly.
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