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English Grammar Quiz: 21.09.2020

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Question 1

Convert the given sentence into negative sentence:

Will you be working in the hospital late today?

Question 2

Identify the kind of given sentence:

He told us what the truth was.

Question 3

Fill in the blanks to complete the question.
_____ do you take Spanish language lessons?

Question 4

“They will ask a lot of questions at the interview“. Select the correct passive voice from the following.

Question 5

What will be the feminine of “hunter”?

Question 6

Which of the following sounds is not associated with the sound of water?

Question 7

Direction: Identify the sentence in passive voice:

Question 8

What is the plural form of “spy”?

Question 9

Mention a common suitable suffix to the following words:

Clear, assure, allow

Question 10

Mention a common suitable prefix to the following words:

Own, appointment, honest

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