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English Grammar Quiz: 17.08.2020

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Question 1

Complete the following sentence using the correct linking device.

_______ the cafe had a good reputation, the drinks were terrible.

Question 2

Mention a common suitable suffix to the following words:

Correct, affect, attract

Question 3

Fill in the blank with the correct word from the given options.

One of the players on the ground ____ my brother.

Question 4

Complete the sentence with the correct determiner.
“_____ India and Pakistan were poor countries at the time of Independence.”.

Question 5

Convert the speech of the given sentence:

Rekha said, “It is very hot here.”

Question 6

Direction: Identify the sentence in passive voice:

Question 7

Fill in the blanks to complete the question.
______ is the nearest hospital?

Question 8

Rearrange the words or phrases to make a meaningful sentence:

i. last night

ii. the police barriers

iii. three old people

iv. were stopped at

Question 9

Identify the type of the following sentence from the options given below:

Will you help me learn chemistry?

Question 10

Which of the following is not a homophonic pair?
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