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English Grammar Quiz: 05.10.2020

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Question 1

Convert the speech of the given sentence:

My parents said, “We are returning early from the holiday.”

Question 2

Mention a common suitable prefix to the following words:

Appear, qualify, agree

Question 3

Complete the following sentence using the correct linking device.

The earthquake destroyed the building _____ nobody died.

Question 4

Which of the following sentences is in Passive voice?

Question 5

Direction: Fill in the blanks with appropriate degree of comparison words:
Our country is full of emerging ______________.

Question 6

Spot the alternative which makes the sentence grammatically incorrect or choose the ‘no error’ alternative if the sentence is grammatically correct.
Shipra / called off / her friend to help.

Question 7

Fill in the blanks with appropriate modals:

She _____________ quit her current job.

Question 8

Find out the predicate in the following sentence:

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra.

Question 9

What is the plural form of “wife”?

Question 10

Identify the kind of tense in the following sentence:

I was sleeping when the doorbell rang.

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