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Engineering Mechanics & Steel Structures APPSC AE_CE Quiz-5

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Question 1

A tension member in which a reversal of direct stress occurs due to loads other than wind or seismic forces, the slenderness ratio of the member should not exceed

Question 2

In a tension member if one or more than one rivet holes are off the line, the failure of the member depends upon

Question 3

A structural member subjected to tensile force in a direction parallel to its longitudinal axis, is generally known as

Question 4

For a single angle section, the area of outstanding and connected legs are 450 mm2 and 300 mm2. What will be the net area of the section?

Question 5

If the thickness of the thinnest outside plate is 20 mm, then the maximum pitch of rivets in tension will be taken as

Question 6

A built up column comprising of two ISMC 300 channels placed back to back carries a factored load of 1500 kN. Single lacing is provided with an angle of 45° with the longitudinal axis. As per IS 800:1984, the lacing should be designed to resist a transverse shear of _____.

Question 7

A column of unsupported length L is held in position but not restrained against rotation at one end. It is restrained against rotation but not held in position at the other end. The effective length of the column is _____.

Question 8

As per IS 800-2007, the buckling class for hot-rolled tubular sections is

Question 9

Maximum permissible slenderness ratio of compressive members which carry dead and superimposed load is

Question 10

The centre to centre distance between two adjacent consecutive rivets in a line for plates of 12 mm thickness under axial compression:
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