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Engineering Mechanics & Steel Structures APPSC AE_CE Quiz-4

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Question 1

An ISLC 300 of Fe 410 grade is connected to a gusset plate of 10 mm thickness with the help of fillet weld to transfer a tensile load of 1120 kN. Due to overlap limited to 300 mm only, slot weld of width 25 mm is used as shown in figure. Considering size of the weld to be 6 mm, calculate length of each slot consider shop weld.

Question 2

When the load line coincides with the centroid of the rivet group, the rivets are subjected to

Question 3

The transverse fillet welds are designed for

Question 4

Fillet weld is not recommended if the angle between fusion faces is ______.
A) Less than 45o
B) Greater than 120o
C) less than 60o
D) Greater than 145o
The correct statements are

Question 5

Design of a riveted joint assumes that _____.

Question 6

In case of sheared edges the minimum edge distance(in case of machine cut) shall not be less than

Question 7

Bolts are most suitable to carry ______.

Question 8

For a bolt of 36 mm diameter, the diameter of hole shall be taken as :

Question 9

A steel rod of 16 mm diameter has been used as tie in a bracing system, but may be subject to possible reversal of stress due to the wind. What is the maximum permitted length of the member?

Question 10

Statement (I): The permissible stresses in steel are increased by 331/3 percent when the effect of wind or seismic load is taken into account.

Statement (II): The permissible stress in bolts are increased by 662/3 percent when the effect of wind or seismic load is taken into account.

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