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Engineering Mechanics & Design of Steel Structures_ Quiz-2

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Question 1

Steel of yield strength 400 MPa has been used in structure. What is the value of the maximum allowable tensile strength whether as per IS 800:1984 is:

Question 2

In a 10 mm fillet weld the effective length of weld is 1 cm and the permissible shear stress in the weld is 108 N/mm2

Question 3

The load carrying mechanism in web of plate girder post buckling is analogous to?

Question 4

If in a planar system, only 2 reaction forces are acting, then the system is:-

Question 5

A force of 90 N acts for 2 second on a body of mass 15 kg. if the body is initially at rest. The velocity of body just after 2 second will be

Question 6

The equation of motion of a particle is given by expression i.e. s= 4t3- 7t2+1. The acceleration of the particle after 2 sec is

Question 7

From a circular plate of diameter 6.0 cm, a circle is cut out(Common tangent) whose diameter is a radius of the plate. The distance of a centre of gravity of the remainder from the centre of the circular plate is

Question 8

How many constraints are there in a free-rotation support used in a planar system?

Question 9

The centre of gravity of an equilateral triangle, with each side ‘a’ _______ from any of the three sides.

Question 10

Ratio of shape factor for solid circular section to triangular section will be-
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