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Engineering Mathematics: Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

The equation  is to be solved using Newton-Raphson method. If x=4 is taken as the initial approximation, then the next approximation will be?

Question 2


The value of  by Trapezoidal rule is (step size 0.5)

Question 3

The Newton-Raphson iteration function for a particular equation is given as  What is the equation?

Question 4

A function is defined as shown in the table below:

The value of  using Simpson’s  rule is _____.

Question 5

For a given ordinary differential equation, , find an approximate value of y for x=1, using 4th order Runge-Kutta method. Given that, y(0) = 1

Question 6

Find the Laplace transform of

Question 7

The Laplace transform of cos (4t) sin (2t) is

Question 8

In the Fourier series expansion of when 0 < x < 2π, then value of ‘bn’ is

Question 9

What is the Laplace transform of e-3t(2 cos 5t - 3 sin 5t)

Question 10

If the inverse Laplace transformation of is f(t), the value of f(0) is
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