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Engineering Mathematics : Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

An unbiased coin is drawn 500 times. Calculate ratio between mean and standard deviation

Question 2

Consider a case where there are 2 bags, one is having five red and seven white balls and the other consist of three red and twelve white balls. We need to take out a ball from one or the other two bags, find the probability that a red ball is taken out.

Question 3

suppose there is two players Ram and Shyam who are throwing a pair of dice alternatively. Ram will win the game if he throws 6 before Shyam throws 5 and Shyam wins if he throws 5 before Ram throws 6. If Ram begins the play then probability of wining game by Ram is

Question 4

The general solution of the differential equation


Question 5

The function at is :

Question 6

Suppose that the eigenvalues of matrix A are 1, 2, and 4. The determinant of  (A-1)Tis ____.

Question 7

Two eigen values of a 3x3 real matrix P are (2 + -1) and 3. The determinant of P is ________

Question 8

Consider the following system of equations in three real variables x1, x2 and x3

The system of equations has:

Question 9

The following system of equations has? 

Question 10

The rank of the matrixis ?
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