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Electrical Materials Quiz UPPCL JE 2017

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Question 1

Below the Curie point if the temperature increase in ferromagnetic material, Then magnetic susceptibility of the given material will be 

Question 2

Soft iron is used in the manufacture of electromagnets because of its

Question 3

Magnetostriction is a phenomenon of

Question 4

Which of the following semiconducting components is used in photoconductive devices?

Question 5

Tunnel diode is commonly used as which one of the following?

Question 6

In a superconductor, if the temperature is decrease below is critical temperature, the value of critical magnetic field will

Question 7

The temperature coefficient of resistance of a wire is 0.0008/oC. If the resistance of the wire is 8 ohm at 0oC, what is the resistance at 100oC?

Question 8

The geometrical configuration of one molecule of C60- buckminsterfullerene contains
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