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Question 1

Which treaty was signed as a consequence of Third Anglo-Marat ha War between the British and the Holkar chief in 1818?

Question 2

Ranapratab Sagar Hydroelectric Plant is in

Question 3

If OM = 56 and GOT = 126, Then what will be the code of CARD in that coding language?

Question 4

If 1 is subtracted from the last digit of each number, how many numbers are thus formed which will be divisible by 3?

526    645    433    327    549    452

Question 5

What does formulaic language consists of?

I. Simple greetings

II. Routines

Question 6

Choose the correct adjective of superlative degree for the given word:


Question 7

निम्नलिखित में से कौन-सा शब्द प्रत्यय का प्रयोग कर बनाया गया है?

Question 8

'वैचारिक' शब्द में प्रत्यय लगा है:

Question 9

तीन बल P, Q, R की भुजाओं BC, CA तथा AB पर लगे हैं, यदि उनका परिणामी बल, त्रिभुज के अन्त: केन्द्र से होकर जाता है, तब-

Question 10

एक गोला किसी दूसरे गोले से जी इसी के बराबर है और निश्चल है, सीधा करता है, यदि प्रत्यवस्थान गुणांक e हो, तो संघट्ट के बाद इन गोलों के वेगों का अनुपात होगा-

Question 11

 ______is learnt in a formal setting with the help of a teacher.

Question 12

A teacher of grade-7 has to evaluate writing skill of her learners. Which of the following should be the objective of the test items developed by her ?

Question 13

Which of the following is the correct sequence for stages of first language acquisition ?

Question 14

A language teacher generally gives task that has to be done in pairs and groups. What should the teacher do when learners are involved in the task?

Question 15

A teacher wants to teach ‘Nouns’ in class 4. Which of the following is an appropriate strategy to teach nouns?

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