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Question 1

Which one of the given responses would be a meaningful order of the following words?
1) Plant
2) Food
3) Seed
4) Flower

Question 2

If the 3rd of a month is Sunday and the month has 5 Sundays, then the month consists of how many days?

Question 3

Ozone layer in the outer atmosphere helps us in

Question 4

Who called as Zinda Pir?

Question 5

The value of 8× 291×125 is

Question 6

One orange costs five and half rupees and one kg apple costs 80 rupees . Then the total cost of one and half dozen of oranges and one and three-fourth kg of apples (in rupees) is

Question 7

To go 'through thick and thin' is to

Question 8

I don’t _________ other dishes in the restaurant, I always order pao bhaji.

Question 9

कौन सा शब्द ‘अम्बर ’ का विलोम है?

Question 10

1) धूप में चमकता

(य) हरा-भरा बागीचा

(र) वे पेड़ अब बहुत

(ल) दिख रहा है, सामने

(व) बड़े हो गये हैं

(6) जिन्हें बाबा ने लगाया था।

Question 11

Which of the following is true about gifted learners?

Question 12

The part of educational process is

Question 13

In order to develop motivation among students, a teacher should

Question 14

The best way, specially at primary level, to address the learning difficulties of students is to use

Question 15

Achievement-motivation theory has been developed by whom?
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