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Question 1

If yellow is called blue, blue is called white, white is called green, green is called brown, and brown is called red, what is the colour of milk ?

Question 2

In a certain code, a mirror 13479 is written as AQFJL and 5268 is written as DMPN. How is 396824 written in the code?

Question 3

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana is related to ________.

Question 4

Chipko Movement was strengthened under the leadership of

Question 5

The number of members of an institution is 2500. If the number of members in first year increases by 10% and in the second year decreases by 10%, then after two years what is the increase or decrease in the number of members?

Question 6

A shopkeeper sold a chair at a loss of 17%. Had he sold it at ₹ 338 more he would have obtained a gain of 9%. What is the cost price of chair?

Question 7

Choose the appropriate synonym of the underlined word in the following sentence:

She is a big hypocrite. She always flips from her promises.

Question 8

Did you really ______ the money yesterday?

Question 9

निम्न में कौन सा ‘वारिद’ का पर्यायवाची शब्द नहीं है

Question 10

‘अवर’ शब्द का विलोम होगा।

Question 11

A teacher can make problem-solving fun for students by doing all the following except

Question 12

Direction: Answer the following question by selecting the most appropriate options.
A creative child has the following characteristic :

Question 13

Direction: Answer the following question by selecting the most appropriate option.

The main objective of inclusive education is to ensure that mainstream and specialist training institution serving persons with ___

Question 14

Students who ask questions in the class should be

Question 15

Directions : Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option.
What is Cephalocaudal principle?
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