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DSSSB JE EE Power system QUIZ-2

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Question 1

__________ is a series type unbalanced fault that occurs in a power system.

Question 2

Fault in a power system is a

Question 3

Which of the following circuit breaker is preferred for switching of capacitor banks?

Question 4

The most suitable circuit breaker for interrupting short line fault without resistance switching is:-

Question 5

Which type of relay works by remotely closing but CANNOT remotely reclose the breaker?

Question 6

A generating station has a connected load of 50 MW and a maximum demand of 30 MW; the units generated being per annum is 55.5×106. Then calculate (i) the demand factor and (ii) load factor?

Question 7

Demand factor is

Question 8

For LV applications (below 1 kV),_____________ cables are used.

Question 9

EHT cables have rating of

Question 10

The main criterion for the design of a distributor is:-
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