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DSSSB JE EE Power Electronics QUIZ-2

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Question 1

For an SCR, dV/dt protection is achieved using

Question 2

A resistor connected across the gate and cathode of an SCR

Question 3

The di/dt protection for an SCR is achieved through the use of

Question 4

Circuit turn-off time of an SCR is defined as the time

Question 5

Statement (I): TRIAC conducts only in one direction.

Statement (II): TRIAC is popularly used in Fan regulator.

Question 6

A triac is a:

Question 7

For same power output, the output current of full bridge inverter as compared to half bridge inverter is:

Question 8

Pulse width modulated inverter controls-

Question 9

Which of the following chopper posses below characteristic.

Question 10

Chopper converts
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