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DSSSB JE EE Power Electronics QUIZ-1

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Question 1

Consider the following statements regarding:

1) The range of control angle varies from 0 to 150° in tie control connection.

2) Tie control connection is suitable for motor control.

3) The neutral wave controller is not used for motor control.

Which of the above statements is /are correct?

Question 2

If Duty ratio in both Buck converter and Boost converter is 0.4 then, output voltage in Buck and Boost converter respectively are [Given supply voltage is 30 V]

Question 3

Statement I: The control signal in MOSFET is much smaller than the control signal required in BJT.

Statement II: The input impedance of MOSFET is low and of BJT is very high.

Question 4

Diode conducts for____ in a 3 –f half controlled rectifier having firing angle greater than 60°

Consider there is a freewheeling Diode and a constant load current.

Question 5

When the conducting angle of thyristor increases then its average rating of on state current

Question 6

Which of the following rectifiers have more size practically?

Question 7

Statement 1 (S1): For 3 –  VSI with 180° conduction mode, phase voltage waveform is quasi square wave.

Statement 2 (S2): For 3 –  VSI with 120° conduction mode, line voltage waveform is 6 step wave form.

Question 8

During parallel operation of SCRs, current distribution is made uniform by?

1) Mounting SCRs on same heat sink.

2) Connecting a small resistor in series with each SCR.

3) Connecting magnetically coupled inductors in series with SCRs.

The correct statements are:

Question 9

What is the maximum value of switch utilization ratio (SUR) for a buck boost converter?

Question 10

In a zero-voltage switching resonant converter Vs = 30V, Lr = 3μH, Cr = 30nF and load current is 8A . What is the maximum voltage across switching element?
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