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DSSSB JE EE Electromagnetic Fields QUIZ-1

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Question 1

The Gauss divergence theorem relates

Question 2

The curl of magnetic field intensity of a magnetic field is equal to:

Question 3

A stationary charge is placed in a magnetic field. The charge will:

Question 4

The flux density at a point in space is given by

The value of constant ‘’ must be equal to:-

Question 5

Maxwell’s divergence equation for the electric field is:-

Question 6

Magnetic field intensity (H) of a long conductor carrying current ‘I’ at a distance ‘r’ is :

Question 7

The electric flux inside a conducting sphere is:-

Question 8

Which of the following is one of the boundary conditions for time varying fields?

Question 9

Out of the given units which unit is for magnetic field intensity, H?

Question 10

A circular disk of radius 4 m with a charge density Ps = 12 sin φ mC/m2 is enclosed by surface S. The net flux crosses the surface S will be?
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