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DSSSB JE EE Electrical Machines QUIZ-2

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Question 1

The open circuit test in a transformer gives

Question 2

The essential condition for parallel operation of two single phase transformers is that they should have the same

Question 3

Hopkinson’s test for DC motors is conducted on:

Question 4

In DC Generators, the polarity of interpoles is?

Question 5

Statement I:

Series DC motors are used for cranes and locomotives.

Statement II:

Series DC motors provide high starting torques, a requisite for such applications.

Question 6

Wattmeter reading in blocked rotor test of induction motor gives

Question 7

The maximum starting torque of a 3-phase induction motor occurs when:

Question 8

Synchronous motors are to be used in situations where

Question 9

The variation in dc excitation of a synchronous motor causes variation in

Question 10

An unexcited single phase synchronous motor is called as
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