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DSSSB JE EE : Electrical & Electronic Measurements QUIZ-2

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Question 1

The pointer in an indicating instrument is brought to zero position by

Question 2

For power measurements in high voltage circuits, wattmeter is connected through the instrument transformers. Which of the following connection is not correct?

Question 3

In the balanced AC Bridge shown below which of the following statements are correct regarding phasor quantities

1) The phasor voltage and are same.

2) Phasor lag behind phasor by some angle and leads by some angle from phasor.

3) Phasor and have a phase difference of 90° between them.

Question 4

In wein’s bridge the formula for frequency f is

Question 5

A moving-coil voltmeter has a resistance of 80 Ω. The scale is divided into 120 equal divisions. When a potential difference of 0.8 V is applied to the terminals of the voltmeter a deflection of 80 divisions is obtained. Explain how the instrument could be used for measuring up to 220 V.

Question 6

The measured value of a capacitor is 156.2 x10 -6 F given its true value is 152.3 x10 -6 F. Determine the relative error.

Question 7

The dc sensitivity of a rectifier – type instrument is

Question 8

Which of the following is most inexpensive and widely used method of correcting the power factor is?

Question 9

The limiting errors for a four dial resistance box are:
Units: ± 0.2% Tens: ±0.1%
Hundreds: ±0.05% Thousands: ±0.02%
If the resistance value is set at 4325 Ω then Calculate the percentage limiting error for this value.

Question 10

Which of the following instrument have linear scale
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