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DSSSB JE EE :Control system QUIZ-2

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Question 1

Feedback control systems are

Question 2

Servomechanism in control system relates to:

Question 3

Digital Control System is a type of:

Question 4

Which one is example of closed loop control system?

Question 5

In an open system the control action

Question 6

In Routh stability criteria, when all elements of one row become zero and this is no sign change then the system is:

Question 7

Routh Hurwitz Criterion is used to determine?

Question 8

Derivative error compensation is employed in feedback control system to: -

Question 9

What is the unit impulse response of a first order system having transfer function  ?

Question 10

Transfer function of a second order system is G(s) = 100/(s2 + 20s + 100),and this system is classified as:
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