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DSSSB JE EE :Control system QUIZ-1

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Question 1

Digital Control System is a type of:

Question 2

Control system in which the output has no influence or effect on the control action of the input signal is called.

Question 3

The open loop control system is one in which control action__________.

Question 4

If the closed-loop transfer functions of a control system is given as , then its is

Question 5

The bandwidth of a control system can be increased by using

Question 6

In a speed control system, output rate feedback is used to

Question 7

Which of the following points is not on the roots locus of a system having open loop transfer funation?

Question 8

The initial slope of the Bode plot gives an indication of:-

Question 9

For the following characteristic equation, the centroid of the root locus plot is

Question 10

A second order control system has a transfer function

What is the time for the first overshoot?

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