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Dimensional Analysis - II Starter Quiz

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Question 1

Square root of the ratio of inertia force to elastic force is called as

Question 2

In a fluid device which is to carry a fluid, is calibrated with air using a  geometrically similar model prototype scale. For which of the following discharge ratio will dynamically similar flow occur if the ratio of kinematic viscosity of fluid to air is 12.5

Question 3

Froude number is useful in calculations for

Question 4

Match the following lists and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists

Question 5

Which of the following non-dimensional numbers is not correctly defined?

Question 6

For the Froude model law, model of a pipe is to be tested. If the discharge is 300 m3/s, then the discharge at which the model must be tested is……… m3/s ?

Question 7

A 1:6 scale model of a passenger car is tested in a wind tunnel. The prototype velocity is 60 km/h. If the model drag is 250 N. The power (in kW) required to overcome drag in prototype is (Assume air in model and prototype have same properties) is
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