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Question 1

Which of the following is the period of time in symmetrical AC component of the fault current?

Question 2

For which of the following type of fault, all the three sequence networks are connected parallel to each other?

Question 3

The short-circuit kVA is maximum when fault occurs

Question 4

An unloaded generator with a pre-fault voltage of 1 p.u. has following sequence impedances: Z0 = j0.08 p.u., Z1 = Z2 = j0.30 p.u. The neutral is grounded with a reactance of 0.04 p.u. If a line to ground fault occurs at the terminal of the generator, then the fault current is

Question 5

Making and breaking currents of 3 phase Ac circuit breakers in power system are represent respectively____

Question 6

The zero-sequence current of a generator for line to ground fault is j4 pu. Then the current through the neutral during the fault is
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