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Question 1

Which amongst the following is true?

Question 2

A generator of 200MVA rating has an inertia constant of 10MJ/MVA. With the same rotor, if the rating is changed to 400MVA, then the inertia constant (in MJ/MVA) becomes

Question 3

For the transient stability of a power system.

Question 4

An alternator is connected to an infinite bus delivering current of 1.2 pu at 0.85 p.f. lagging. Infinite bus voltage is (V) = 1 pu and power angle of alternator is δ = 60°. The reactance of the alternator is 1.4 pu and excitation voltage is 1.8 pu. The maximum steady state power limit will –

Question 5

Which of the following gives the equivalent inertia constant of the system if the inertia constant of the two machines which are not swinging together are M1 and M2?

Question 6

Dynamic stability of a power system can be generally concerned to which type of disturbance?
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