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Question 1

The bus admittance matrix of the network shown in the given figure, for which the marked parameters are per unit impedances is

Question 2

When the PV bus is treated as PQ in load flow studies ?

Question 3

What is the form of the Ybus matrix for carrying out load flow studies by Gauss-Seodal method of a power system having mesh connection of nodes?

Question 4

In a load flow problem solved by NR-method with polar coordinates, the size of the Jacobian is (50 × 50). If there are 10 PV buses in addition to PQ buses and a slack bus the total no of buses in the power system is.

Question 5

For a 50 bus power system size of admittance matrix (Y – bus) will be –

Question 6

Which of the following statements is/are correct?

1) Memory requirement in programming in N-R method is less.

2) N-R method takes more time for solution of each iteration but convergent time is less.

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