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Question 1

In a three unit insulator string voltage across the lowest unit is 25 KV and string efficiency is 88%. The voltage across the string will be equal to

Question 2

The dielectric loss in the insulation of a lossy underground cable, due to leakage current is (using standard notations)

Question 3

The device which is used for maintaining a uniform voltage in the disc to improve the string efficiency is?

Question 4

Consider the following properties regarding insulation for cables:
1) A low specific resistance
2) High temperature withstand
3) High dielectric strength
Which of the above properties of insulation are correct while using cables?

Question 5

A string of suspension insulators has three discs. If the disc nearest to the conductor flashes over (i.e. breaks down), then,

Question 6

If the loss angle of a cable is δ then the power factor is given by:
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