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DFCCIL EE Power Electronics Quiz - 5

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Question 1

________ consists of high–performance permanent magnet motor, often with an integral tachogenerator, and a chopper–type power amplifier module in D.C. motor.

Question 2

What is the most suitable Solid state converter for controlling the speed of the three phase cage motor at 25 Hz?

Question 3

For which of the following factor the system is capable for a fully controlled thyristor bridge drives a DC motor?

Question 4

In a speed controlled dc drive, the load torque is 40 N-m. At time the operation is under steady state and the speed is 500 rpm. Under this condition at the generated torque is instantly increased to 100 Nm. The inertia of the drive is 0.01 Nm-sec2/rad. The friction is negligible. The time taken for the speed to reach 1000 rpm is ___________ ms.

Question 5

Statement I: Static Cramer drive suitable for Super synchronous speed.

Statement II: Power from rotor is feedback to line in Kramer’s.

Question 6

Which of the following statements about static drives are true ?

1. Static Scherbius  drives: The speed can be controlled below and above synchronous speeds.

2. Static frames drive offers speed control above synchronous speed only.

3. A speed torque characteristic of static Kramer drive is similar to separately excited dc motor with armature voltage control.

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