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DFCCIL EE Power Electronics Quiz - 4

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Question 1

A single phase inverter uses sinusoidal pulse width modulation to control its output. Input dc voltage to the inverter is 250V and modulation index is 0.6. Find the rms value of fundamental component of output voltage?

Question 2

A three phase 120° voltage source inverter is connected to load of 15 star connected. If input voltage is 220V the rms line and phase voltages respectively are

Question 3

An inverter is operated with single pulse modulation and the total output rms voltage is equal to 110V. If the dc input voltage is 220V, Find the pulse width?

Question 4

A single-phase full bridge inverter is fed from a DC source Vs = 230 V, if the load R = 2 Ω and Xc = 8 Ω, then the conduction angles of each switch and feedback diodes respectively are (Given tan–1(4) = 76°)

Question 5

In a single phase VSI bridge inverter, the load current is I0 = 200 sin(ωt - 45 °) mA. The d.c. supply voltage is 220 V. What is the power drawn from the supply?

Question 6

The pulse width of a single pulse modulation inverter is 120°. For an input voltage of 150 V, the r.m.s. value output voltage is:
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