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DFCCIL EE Power Electronics Quiz - 3

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Question 1

A boost conductor operating at a frequency of 50 kHz from a 10 V dc input. The output voltage is 25 V and ripple current is 0.5 A . The value of inductor is

Question 2

A step-down chopper feeding a inductive load and current is ripple free in the output circuit. If duty cycle is 0.75, then the ratio of runs current through free-wheeling diode to rms current through switch is

Question 3

A voltage commutated chopper is gives below. The chopper duty ratio is 50%. The load current remains contact 10 A assuming the input voltage to be 190 V and device to be ideal. Maximum value of current through capacitor is

Question 4

A dc to dc converter is operating at switching frequency of 3kHz and duty ratio of o.5. It is feeding a fixed RL load from a fixed voltage dc source. It is desired to reduce the ripples in load current keeping the average load current unchanged, It can be attained by:

Question 5

A boost converter is operating with a duty ratio of 0.5. If input current is 30 A and circuit is operating in continuous conduction mode, then the rms value of switch current is:

Question 6

A single quadrant chopper is feeding a separately excited DC motor from 400V DC. If the motor constant is 1V-sec/rad, armature resistance 2Ω and duty ratio of 0.6 then the speed of motor at 5 Nm torque is:
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