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DFCCIL EE Power Electronics Quiz - 2

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Question 1

In a single phase diode bridge rectifier with ripple free load current supplies an inductive loaD. What will be the current waveform at ac side?

Question 2

The output waveform of 3φ half wave rectifier with 4 wiring with supply frequency of 300 Hz is shown. If the line to line voltage source is 150V, then find the ripple output frequency?

Question 3

A 3-phase converter feeds a pure resistance load at a firing angle of = 60 °. The average value of current flowing in the load is 10 A. If a very large inductance is connected in the load circuit, then the

Question 4

A 230 V, 50 Hz single phase full convertor is supplying a highly inductive bad. If the fundamental displacement factor is 0.866 then input power factor is

Question 5

A 1–Փ Halfwave rectifier is supplying power to a RL-Load. If a free-wheeling diode is connected across load then input power factor will:

Question 6

In a 3-phase diode bridge rectifier fed from the star connected secondary of a transformer let the voltage to the neutral of the A phase (phase sequence A, B, C) be Vm sin ωt. At the instant when the voltage of A phase is maximum, the output voltage at the rectifier terminal will be
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