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DFCCIL EE Electrical Machines QUIZ - 4

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Question 1

A synchronous motor is:

Question 2

An 8-pole synchronous machine has a synchronous speed of 900 rpm. Determine the frequency of the machine.

Question 3

A 10 kW, 3 ph, 4 pole 50 Hz synchronous motor was working at 50 % full load condition. If supply frequency is changed to 25 Hz and the load is increased to 75 %, the motor will run at a speed of

Question 4

A 450V, 50 KVA 1-ϕ alternator has an effective armature resistance of 0.62 Ω. An excitation current of 10A produces 200A armature current on short circuit and an emf 400V on open-circuit. Calculate synchronous reactance

Question 5

Slip test is gradually used to calculate

Question 6

Which of the following statement is incorrect w.r.t synchronous generators?
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