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DFCCIL EE Electrical Machines QUIZ - 2

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Question 1

What are the commutator pitches of duplex and simplex lap windings?

Question 2

A 8 pole generator with 64 coil has a two layer LAP winding. The pole pitch is-

Question 3

The armature core of a dc machine is laminated to minimize

Question 4

If same machine is wound for LAP and wave windings then power rating will be -

Question 5

A cumulative compound long shunt motor is driving a load at rated torque and rated speed. If the series field is shunted by a resistance equal to the resistance of the series field, keeping the torque constant.

Question 6

A DC shunt motor having unsaturated magnetic circuit runs at 1000 rpm with rated voltage. If the applied voltage is half of the rated voltage the motor will run at:
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