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DFCCIL EE Electrical Machines QUIZ - 1

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Question 1

If a transformer core has air gaps, then

Question 2

A transformer having 1000 turns is connected to a 250 V ac supply for a secondary voltage of 400 V. Then the number of secondary turns should be

Question 3

A transformer has hysteresis loss of 30 Watts at 240 V 60 Hz supply. The hysteresis loss at 200V, 50 Hz supply is

Question 4

A transformer has a reactance of 0.1 pu and negligible resistance. What is its voltage regulation at full load, and 0.8 power factor lagging?

Question 5

Two 40 kVA single phase transformer are connected in open delta to supply a 230 V balanced 3-phase load. What is the total load that can be supplied without overloading either transformer?

Question 6

A 230/2300 V, Y/Δ, 3-phase transformer is rated at 230 KVA. Its rated secondary current/phase is
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