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Question 1

Consider a causal LTI system with frequency response  for a particular input x(t), this system is observed to produce the output as y(t) = e–3t u(t) – e–4t u(t).

Then the input x(t) is

Question 2

Computer the Exponential series of the following signal shown in figure.

Question 3

Match the following List-I (properties of time domain signal) with List-II (properties of Fourier transform).
A) Real and even
B) Real and odd
C) Imaginary and even
D) Imaginary and odd
1) Real and odd
2) Real and even
3) Imaginary and even
4) Imaginary and odd

Question 4

Let. If g (t) = u (t) * f (t) and x (t) = g (5t-3), where u (t) is a step signal and * represents convolution. Determine.

Question 5

Find the frequency response of an LTI system with h(t)=

Question 6

Which of the following signal does not have a Fourier series representation?
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