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Question 1

In a digital voltmeter, the oscillator frequency is 400 kHz. The voltage falls from 8 V to 0 V in 20 ms. What is the number of pulses counted by the counter?

Question 2

The precision of a ramp type digital voltmeter depends on

Question 3

A DVM uses 10 MHz clock and has a voltage controlled generator which provides a width of 5 µs/volt of unit signal. 10 V input signal would correspond to a pulse count of

Question 4

Which of the following ADC has highest accuracy?

Question 5

The problems of the binary-weighted resistor digital-to-analog converter (DAC) can be overcome by using

Question 6

A 4-digit DVM (digital voltmeter) with a 100 mV lowest full-scale range would have a sensitivity of how much value while resolution of this DVM is 0.0001?
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