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Question 1

Consider a CRO screen showing voltage waveform having vertical attenuator of 0.5 volt/div.

Peak to peak amplitude of voltage waveform is ________V.

Question 2

When two equal voltage having equal frequencies but with a phase shift of 180° are applied to a CRO then the Lissajous pattern obtained is

Question 3

The screen of a CRT is 60 cm from the centre of the plates. The parallel deflecting plates are of length 2 cm and are 5 mm apart. It has anode voltage of 2400 V. The input is supplied deflecting plates through an amplifier with gain of 20. To get a deflection of 3 cm on screen the input voltage is

Question 4

For an oscilloscope Lissajous pattern, 5 Horizontal and 2 vertical tangencies are observed. The vertical input frequency is _______Hz if Horizontal input frequency is 1000 Hz.

Question 5

For the given Lissajous figure if the horizontal frequency is 100 Hz, then the vertical frequency will be

Question 6

In a CRO, the retrace is eliminated by using:
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